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Search Tips

  • Use [4] or +5 to limit results to a specific upgrade or slot count
  • Typing "iench" limits the search to enchanted items, "-iench" excludes them
  • Card names can be used instead of modifiers: "bloody bow" is the same as "hydra bow"
  • "Single", 1x, 1*, *1, x1 can all be used to filter one carded items in search
  • The "slotted" keyword can be used to filter for uncarded items: "silk robe -slotted"

Search Wizardry

  • Putting a minus sign (-) before a word excludes that word: "robe -silk" returns no silk robes
  • If you want a specific word you can prefix it with !: "!bird" does not return birds
  • A comma separated string with no spaces can be useful sometimes: try "hydra (bow,gauche)"
  • If you prefix a search term with "#" it will not be required: try "#hydra #bow"
  • If you are a real search wizard you can combine all of these tips: try "+10 hydra 2x -(bow,gauche,skel)"
  • A note on wizardry: the slot and upgrade filters don't use "!", "#", or "-"


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